Starting with C++ Development

Okay I decided to write in english from now on in my blog, because most of the stuff is either written in english or interesting for mostly everyone out there in the net.

For a Project at my University I have to learn C++. Within this article I want to gather some information I gathered from the net that I used to learn C++.

Learning Material

A pretty good book explaining everything from the beginning I found at wikibooks. Its written in german and can be found here
An english version can be found here

A nice overview is also provided here:

Threading made easy –

Differences between Java and C++ Syntax which is very useful to know when you come like me from Java.

Also stuff posted in the category C++

Setting up a Development Environment

Biggest problem for me is to setup a development environment. I want to use an IDE such as Eclipse or Netbeans and I also need a compiler which is working under windows. As for compilers there are some choices like Mircosoft’s Visual C++ Compiler, Borland C++ or the GNU g++. Since my aim is to write a program for a Raspberry Pi I have chosen to use the GNU g++ compiler, which sadly does not run natively under Windows

Installing cygwin

I think cygwin does not need much explaination and also the setup is strait forward. Download the installer run it, choose packages to install, install and have fun.

But the bigger problem is the choice of the right packages. Here is a list of what I installed


This should give you a very basic package for developing c++ applications.

Installing an IDE

For the IDE I choose Netbeans over Eclipse. Why? Hmm not easy explained. I have a lot of expirence with eclipse, but I just do not like its look. Yeah it was all about the look 🙂 For Netbeans choose the C++ Development Version and install it. Finished.

Now to the Setup. Go to „Tools -> Options“ there choose C++. Check if Netbeans has found your cygwin installation. If not click on „Add …“ to add the previously installed cygwin build tools. Then point to your <cygwin installdir>/bin and click ok. Netbeans should then find your compilers etc.

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