Stuttering Sound Logitech G35, with Solution!

Hi Folks,

I had a very very wierd problem lately, sound stuttering on my Logitech G35 Headset. It was so bad that I was not able to play games, couse everytime when the sound stuttered the framerate drop to nearly zero.

My first thought was „I spammed my PC with lots of useless Programms, so lets reinstall Windows“. So I did, but it didn’t help. I now just have a clean system, but thats all.

Second thought: „Okay it’s not Windows, so then it is the G35 or its Software“. So I tried the G35 on a different PC , no problem. Then I installed every Logitech driver version I could find, but again it didn’t help.

So what can it be? When opening the Task Monitor I saw that the „system Interrupt“ was using around 1-2% of my CPU. w00t??? That’s not right! So I downloaded LatencyMon and see the storport.sys was having serious trouble …. So something in Storage was causing high Interrupt times. What I did lately was adding a new HDD to my system, so I unpluged it and rebooted. And now there isn’t a soundproblem anymore!

Conclusion: If ya having sound stuttering problems, you should check if the latency of your system. If the latency is to high, buffer underruns will occur and the sound will stutter.

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