Gentoo with systemd on a Hetzner Server (Part 3)

Now that the server is running let’s do a quick resumé on the installation process.

Compared to a few years ago the installation process as a whole has become a lot easier and stable. Some systemd tools like hostnamectl, localectl etc. can not be used, but it is always possible to get the same effect by using the appropriate configuration file.

Systemd tools

As said in the previous part of the series lets quickly revisit the configuration with the systemd tools. Systemd is new to me, so I go strickly by the book which told me to use the *ctl commands to setup stuff and doing it twice ain’t a problem.

hostnamectl set-hostname <host>
localectl set-keymap de
timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Berlin
vim /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf
timedatectl set-ntp on

Boot performace

The boottime of the new server is amazing, as expected from a new piece of hardware. But I think systemd plays its part and for me it does not matter that some argue that a bootsystem should only do the booting. If it is reasonable and faster when doing more than just the booting so it shall be. Just my 2cents on the topic.

Next up…

… is the installation of all services, which are Webserver, Database, Froxlor, Teamspeak etc.

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